How to Remove InstallMac?

The simplest way to remove InstallMac and reset your browser’s search settings, is to use InstallMac’s Uninstaller.

You can find InstallMac’s Uninstaller in the Applications folder on your Mac.

  1. Open your Applications folder, then open the InstallMac folder.

  2. Double click the file InstallMac_Uninstall.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  4. Read the Readme_uninstall file in the InstallMac folder for any further help.


If for any reason you can’t find InstallMac’s uninstaller on your Mac, you can download it here.


Download Uninstaller

InstallMac’s uninstaller was design to make the process of  removing InstallMac the simplest possible. If  however, you prefer to reset your browser search settings manually, please follow these  instructions:



Select the instructions specific to the browser you use:

Remove from Safari

Remove from Chrome

Remove from Firefox